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The Amhara Elites Are Responsible for Suffering of Amara, and the Demise of Their Heritage!

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By Belayneh Abate

Hand in hand with massacring, incarcerating and displacing Amaras, EPRDF has  continued to destroy Amara heritages from the major cities of the country. These types of Ethnic cleansing of Amaras have continued because the Amara elites are standing behind the  EPRDF leader and  preventing Amaras from organizing and defending themselves.

The gullible Amara elites have failed to understand one simple natural law that governs this terrible world: Power is the foundation of survival and honor. In other words, no power, no  honor! Even corona virus does not honor people with no power. Instead of empowering the Amara people who has been the prime target of EPRDF for three decades, the uncritical Amara elites bowed and empowered the former spy and the current leader of EPRDF.

As  the Polish Kolakowski, once said,  being deceived is no excuse. The excuse “being deceived by the serpent” did not save Adam and Eve from punishment.

Two years ago, the credulous Amara elites beat the drums behind the serpent Abiy Ahmed forgetting what this serpent and his devil masters did to the Amaras in the Garden of Aden for three decades. The gullible Amara elites forgot that Abiy Ahmed’s criminal party, the Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Front (EPRDF), was established to franchise republics of nations and nationalities on the graves of Amaras.

The credulous Amara elites blamed only the Tigre Peoples Libration Front (TPLF), not the long-time slaves such as Abiy Ahmed, for the massacre, imprisonment, torture, displacement and sterilization of Amaras.

Despite his past wicked deeds, most Amara elites were completely blinded by the serpent’s cunning “Ethiopia” rhetoric when he was systematically installed to power by foreign agents. The credulous Amara elites forgot that the serpent was a high-ranking spy director and Legesesse Zenawi’s right hand when Amaras were facing massacres, tortures, displacement and ethnic cleansing in every corner of the nation.

Like immature and uncultured teenagers, the gullible Amara elites were terribly seduced by pastor Abiy Ahmed’s fake preaching about love, unity, reconciliation and forgiveness. Most Amara elites did not want to recall that the serpent pastor was the leader of EPRDF that hanged water bottles on testicles of Amara men, and administered unique birth control programs to sterilize Amara women.

In fact, many opportunist Amara elites considered him as the Mosses of the biblical Exudes forgetting the surmountable crimes he and his masters did to the Amaras. These opportunist Amara elites did not want to admit that the fake preacher served like a jack ass to the ruthless EPRDF, a front established to break the backs and the hips of Amaras. The Gullible Amara elites failed to acknowledge that their preacher pastor built an ugly breast monument based on fire-place folktales to separate the Amaras from the people the pastor claims to represent.

Most Amara elites forgot that the architect of the anti-Amara EPRDF, Legesess Zenawi, never ordained cadres, spy agents or high-ranking officials unless they exhibit deep hate for Amaras or show strong love affair to their voracious large stomachs.  The gullible Amara elites failed to predict that the pastor was preaching phony love and unity to buy time and strengthen his power to control Amaras.

Like Kolakowsk’s soul, Timothy Snyder ‘s heart is saddened by the gullible nature of most amara elites because they failed to see his red-warning sign, which reads “anticipatory obedience is a political tragedy”*. Like the fools who anticipate eggs of doves from the wombs of serpents, the gullible Amara elites expected a glitter of hope from the spy agents and cadres of the Legesse Zenawi’s EPRDF, who were chasing, killing, sterilizing and starving Amaras for decades. In fact, some Amara elites bowed like arcs below the knees of these criminals, and others became their full-time cadres and propagandists.

How complicated was it to read their 25 years resume?  How difficult was it to comprehend that Legesse Zewai’s EPRDF committed mass murders and national treason using spy agents and cadres such as Abiy as effective tools? How hard was it to understand that these tools lack conscience, morality, self-confidence, vision, courage and pride like any other tools?

The gullible Amara elites forgot their brilliant forefathers’ teachings that empty love words come from the mouths of monsters that snatch believers from the hands of God. They failed to follow the teachings of the holy books, which warn people to identify fiends by their past and current deeds, not by their empty words.

Beyond the understandings of the suffering Amaras, some dupe Amara elites are still following the serpent’s swinging tail even at a time the serpent is chasing, stinging and killing the Amara leaders to weaken the strength of Amara and materialize the dream of building the republics of nations and nationalist on the graves of Amaras.

Many fools and HODAM Amara elites are licking the serpent’s tail even at this juncture when the serpent is turning every possible rock to make the Amara people leaderless while allowing his brutal kin to do whatever they want including killing, displacing, incarcerating, and robbing others.

It is unfortunate and sickening to see the gullible Amara elites contributing to the suffering and demise of Amara by committing political tragedy of anticipatory obedience, and by fabricating excuses of blaming the forbidden trees around the serpent instead of the serpent.

It was the serpent, not the forbidden trees, the unholy Adam and Eve cooked as an excuse at the beginning of genesis. Even Adam and Eve who directly blamed the serpent did not escape punishment because they keep cooking excuses and failed to repent their sins. Worse than Adam and Eve, the gullible Amara elites have miserably failed even to identify the serpent that misleads and stings the Amaras. The fools keep cooking excuses and blame the trees where the serpent resides.

The Amara elites should understand that the serpents are causing existential threats to the people of Amara, its beautiful Amaric Language, Scripts and well-designed calendar.

God has given us the brains so that we can predict the future based on past experiences. Our past experiences have shown that Abiyote Ahmed and his colleagues have been the leaders of EPRDF, a criminal organization that committed ethnic cleaning of Amaras in every corner of the country. EPRDF is currently intensifying displacement of Amaras and destroying their heritage. This is because Amara elites are preventing Amaras from organizing and defending themselves in one or another way.  For the survival of the well- cultured and God-fearing Amara people, the gullible elites shall repent and stand united against the serpents.

Thank you.

*Leszek Kolakowski & the anatomy of totalitarianism:

** Timothy Snyder, on Tyranny 2017: page 18

First, in July 2019, edited again in April, 2020

The writer can be reached at

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  1. The writer must be senile to put this kind of rubbish wasting his time to make the Amhara citizens looks like chauvinistic and racist toward other ethnicities. There is no doubt in my mind the writer of this article is from Gonder region where this tribe thinks they are the chosen Amharas and every Amharas have to think like them.
    In general term there have never been any time in the past history of Ethiopia that the Gonderes defended the country from foreign invaders.When the British came the Gonderes fled and abandon Teodros that he have to fight by himself and take His life.There is no doubt that the TPLF huntas took a lot of land from Wello and Gonder. That is a situation needed to be solved peacefully and it will be done at the right time. Agitating the poor citizens of Gonder by the some arrogant power hungry idiots to go to war against Tigrai citizens is a dangerous move that the writer and his kind will never place themselves in the battle field.Paper tigers like the writer and his kind are poison candy coated in sugar advocating genocide.Any way who makes Gondares representatives of all the Amharas? Gonderes are as racist as the Tigrians probably more. Long Live Ethiopia

  2. Hagos and Tolla,
    You know the Bandas were through out the 4 thousand Ethiopian History. You know who built Ethiopia. You know whatever is written in this article is True.

    Continue to bark rubbish under any article that articulates the suffering of Amaras. Sooner or later Amara defend itself take the position it deserves.

  3. My brother Belayneh,
    I feel your anguish. I have been very much affected by it for a long time especially after the Gura Ferda massacre by Oromos. If only the men had stood up and fought, it would have been a turning point. It didn’t happen because of Amara people psyche,i.e. how can you kill a human being for worldly possession? To me, it is wrong because defending oneself is not wrong and that action wouldn’t disposes you from heavenly life after death. It is this belief of ours that has been the problem, not Amara intellectuals.

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