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Protests in Ethiopia Threaten to Mar Image of Its Nobel-Winning Leader

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New York Times

Oromo youth outside the home of Jawad Mohammed, the founder of an independent media network in Ethiopia, on Wednesday. CreditTiksa Negeri/Reuters

The protests appeared to have been sparked by a prominent critic of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who claimed the police had tried to orchestrate an attack on him.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Protests against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia erupted on Wednesday, threatening to taint the aura around his newly won Nobel Peace Prize, after a prominent critic accused the police of attempting to orchestrate an attack on him.

The accusations made by the critic, Jawar Mohammed, founder of an independent media network, fueled simmering political tensions in the landlocked nation of 110 million, the most populous in Africa after Nigeria. The protests came a day after Mr. Abiy warned in Parliament that unidentified media owners were fomenting ethnic unrest.

Hundreds of supporters of Mr. Jawar, an Ethiopian activist who has American citizenship and was in exile in the United States until last year, gathered outside his Addis Ababa home, which was surrounded by police officers.



  1. This so called tension between these two groups, Jawar and his supporters and Abiy and his supporters, is not going anywhere. Two kings vying to rule on the same state is not possible and never happen. The only way out of this is for both sides to come to their senses. They should blunt their sharp tongues lashing at each other. Obbo Jawar must accept the fact that in his capacity every word that comes out of his mouth for the right or wrong reasons they stick. The government on the other side should should somehow convince itself that Obbo Jawar as of now has sizable following especially among the youth aggravated daily by crashing unemployment and the resulting hopelessness. As shown already they will run ujuum at his moment’s notice. Obbo Jawar should always keep in mind that whether he likes it or not the current regime is in charge of ruling the land. If it needs to be replaced that must be done carefully and peacefully. All talks in emotional outbursts must be avoided. In the dazzle-razzle and tense environment over there now emotional outburst will not further the accord for the people and the country. That only lead to more emotional outbursts followed by violence and all the destruction that comes with it. No one else will be held accountable for that. It will be both groups. Both sides should come to their senses rather than bragging at the size of their muscle. Past rulers of that country thought they could ride out all opposition and continue ruling the country for a thousand years. But as we all know by now that was not the case. On the other hand, many prominent opposition had run folly of their strength overestimation and ended up throwing their blind followers into a waiting and raging fire. Their sacrifice did not bring about any change. Millions were lost to no avail.

    But what this young PM has done immediately after coming to power is commendable. Thousands of political prisoners have been released and all opposition groups have been allowed to return. That was not just a chum change. He has eliminated the state of war in place for almost two decades with Eritrea. That does not mean that he should be seen as someone with supernatural power or a prophet. Such measure were already out there waiting for so long to be taken. He did a commendable job with it. And that should be it!!!

    So peace y’all!!!!

  2. In Ethiopia a non-muslim dominated country men are seen always dominating protests while women are often not seen expressing themselves freely, at the same time in a neighbor country that is also a muslim country Sudan, women led the revolution protests that ousted Al Bashir and are being heard expressing themselves freely in all aspects.

  3. Jawar is not in the PM’s league. He is a small-time popularity seeker. Such inflammatory action is always fodder for the media and the blind and unscrupulous audience. Jawar’s only way of getting the world attention is to piggyback on the popular PM. Otherwise, Jawar has nothing to show for when it comes to Ethiopianess or the unity of Ethiopia except enticing a bunch of emotional, uneducated and unemployed Querros and the like with nefarious agendas to commit crime and destabilize the country.

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