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 OPEN LETTER   To Network for Good 

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Subject: Asking Your Urgent Action  – Oromia Media Network (OMN)


My name is Getaneh Yismaw, a concerned US Citizen of Ethiopian origin from Springfield, VA. I’m following up with two phone conversations I had with your associates (11/08/2019 & 11/13/2019) and today writing to your organization to once again ask you to stop collaborating with the OROMIA MEDIA NETWORK (OMN), an organization involved in hate speech and hate crimes.  In my phone conversation, I was told that OMN’s accounts have been on hold and that Network for Goods is not disturbing funds but hey wouldn’t give me that decision in writing as there appears to be no firm decision, which is very concerning to me.

Since October 23, 2019, at least 86 innocent civilians have been murdered in Ethiopia, often beheaded, or with their mutilated bodies dragged on the streets. Christians and non-Oromo ethnic minorities have been selectively targeted and killed and their properties burned down. To date, several dozen Orthodox Churches have been burned down.

These deadly incidents were triggered by the Facebook post of Jawar Mohammed, the executive director and founder of the OROMIA MEDIA NETWORK (OMN).

Jawar Mohammed is a high profile figure in Ethiopian politics, with 1.7 million followers on Facebook. Since 2014, Mr. Mohammed has been mobilizing millions of young people using the OROMIA MEDIA NETWORK as well as his Facebook page. He has encouraged and funded the youth to engage in confrontational and violent tactics against ethnic Amharas and the Orthodox Church.

Jawar Mohammed is believed to get elicit funds from Middle Eastern countries. He frequently travels to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Please note that OROMIA MEDIA NETWORK is also in violation of your organization’s Terms and Conditions as stipulated on your website.

If you proceed with disbursing the collected amount, please be advised that your institution will be collaborating with an organization engaged in disseminating and inciting hate and violence against a group because of their religion and/or ethnicity.

I am, therefore, urging your organization to stop disbursing the funds you have collected thus far (over USD $300,000). The funds will contribute to enabling more hate speech and hate crimes, resulting in the deaths of many more innocent civilians.

If you still refuse our collective plea and plan to proceed, you will not have heard the last from me (and others): we will exercise our free speech and hold demonstrations against your organization for facilitating hate speech and hate crimes, like this demonstration in Seattle, WA that was held yesterday, Nov 17, 2019 against Jawar Mohammed, and explore all legal options we can muster.


I look forward to hearing your decision.

Warm regards,

Getaneh Yismaw


  1. You stinky kero-korkoro the low IQ savage,

    Stop your lies. You barbaric, anti-Amhara, anti-christian wild animals have time and again showed your true colors by burning hundreds of orthodox churches and killed thousands of people because they were Amharas or orthodox christians. You will be payed in kind; it is just a matter of time.

  2. Fake wegene, I doubt you have a thinking and feeling brain otherwise if you would have ashamed even to comment

  3. Your writing a letter from United states..
    So but that won’t help anybody out thats dead or jobless.. Thanks but no thanks.
    Its a movement and the young are the future. OROMIA STAND UP…

  4. To all Abyssinians laying about Jawar Mohamed. Jawar is an Oromo who used to mobilize young Ethiopians irrespective of ethnic background and religion against the previous dictatorial regime (TPLF) government. Jawar is an political activist that abled to oust the tyrannical regime killing and expropriating the Ethiopian people. His effort is to build a new Ethiopia based on democratic principles where all the people of Ethiopia will be equal and have self administration based on the principle of federalism. He did a lot to that end. OMN is also doing its best in bringing Ethiopia to that end unlike the chauvinistic and revanchist radio and TVs promoting hate speech against the oppressed people of the Country. To mention some of these TV and radio known for their hate speeches and racist propaganda, ESAT TV, Ahadu Radio and all TVs disseminating in Amharic are working towards bringing the old militaristic rule of Ethiopian where one people (Amharic speakers) one religion (Orthodox Christian) dominates the majority people living in the country like the Oromo, Somali, Affar, Sidama, Waliatta, Kambata, Hadiya, and the many others. The Amahra political elites hate Jawar because they couldn’t have words to speak and convince him through open discussion. In every aspect, these Amhara political elites want to blackmail Jawar through blame shifts. Let me mention one of the fake propaganda these mad group presents to the public as crimes. They wanted to kill Jawar as a means to return Ethiopian to the old unitary system of government, whci Jawar and the majority of the political elites from different ethnic backround opposes. To fulfill their evil moto, they are conspiring to kill Jawar and other political elites of non-Amhara in Ethiopia. Last time, the plan to kill Jawar was exposed and his supporters made efforts to save him. Groups that conspired to kill Jawar got angry as they didn’t succeeded to kill him and planned to fabricate false allegations against him and Oromo and Ejetto youths. In the killing made by these fanatic Ethiopians a total of 86 people killed as a result of killing of peaceful demonstrators to support Jawar went out to the street. The already armed Amharic speakers killed these people using life ammunitions in a town called Adama, Bishoftu, Mojo, Dukem, Dodola and Addis Ababa. After doing so, they atrted to calim that the killing was done by followers of Jawar where they were the victims. These fanatic Amhara elites trying to draw public attention using their old established international relations and their supporters living in different parts of the world using the political opportunity they had for the last 150 years of ruling Ethiopia under their kings and tutelages. Now they are making a life and death struggle to eliminate Jawar and suppress the struggle of the majority (80%) of the Ethiopian People. In short, their target is eliminating Jawar and OMN, a TV established for the voiceless oppressed people of Ethiopai that focuses on disadvantaged people of the country how to peacefully live together with other people of the country. Otherwise, there is no time when Jawar and OMN promoted hate speech as the other mainstream media using Amharic language.

  5. Habeshafolk, alien to any sense of democracy and logic, demostrate demanding the curtailment of the right of others! We remember that in the 1990s they demonstrated against and petitioned the US Government to disallow the use of Afan Oromo and Qubee in Oromia! Now they are conducting a huge campaign to get the only independent Oromo mass media to be banned, for no tangible transgression of media rights, while commending their some dozen TV and FM stations and websites that are certified to be sources of biased, fake and inflamatory news, and are blurting 24/7 racist innuondos against whole ethnic groups in the country.

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