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Hundreds protest controversial figure outside South Seattle center

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Hundreds protest controversial figure outside South Seattle center (KOMO News)

SEATTLE – Hundreds of people are protesting controversial figure Jawar Mohammed outside of the Filipino Community Center in South Seattle Sunday.

Tensions are rising outside of the center, with some people describing Mohammed as an “extremist.”

Hundreds protest controversial figure outside South Seattle center (KOMO News)

Mohammad is inside the center speaking. KOMO News was told he was born in Ethiopia but lives in Minnesota.
The Seattle Police says no arrests have been made and one is injured.
This is a developing story and will be updated when more information becomes available.


  1. It is Crystal clear for many that Jawar is the next leader of Ethiopia in one year from now. All these Anti Jawar people are only Kinijit cadres , they once again are trying to take power from the Ethiopian people by force.

  2. The reformed institutions of Ethiopia are securing the people . The only need for Seattle Ethiopians to organize is so they start contributing to their country in an organized manner rather than each diaspora sending the remittances one by one to their family members now it is time using EDTF to start sending all together using EDTF. Yesterday’s gathering shows the much needed possibility of organized remittance fund raising that can be held in Seattle , WASHINGTON , USA.

  3. It’s believed that Jawar is a U.S. national. Since he has not denied that he is a U.S. national, it’s fair to assume that he is one.

    If he wants to create a political party, run for office in Oromia and eventually become a prime minister in Ethiopia as suggested in the recent report on the New York Times, he has to renounce his U.S. nationality and reinstate his Ethiopian nationality which he has lost when he accepted U.S. nationality.

    See the report by clicking next: (

    If he’s not U.S. national, he has to say it loud and clear for all to know. Changing allegiance by taking a foreign nationality is a serious matter.

    Here is a free legal advice to him. The “Ethiopian Election, Political Parties Registration and Election Ethics Proclamation” makes an Ethiopian eligible to elect (Article 5(2) cum 18) or to be elected ( Article 5(2) cum 31). This applies to elections at all levels and at all times.


    If you are not Ethiopian, you cannot create and register a political party or run for office in Ethiopia.

    Personally, I want to see you out of the easy world of activism and hold public office (including the prime ministership) so that Oromos and other Ethiopians witness that you’re able and willing to fulfil their demands for democracy.

    Here is a catch. Catapulting Jawar to to hold public office might be his undoing as well. If he is unable and unwilling to deliver on his promises, the very people who supported himwill throw him out of office.

    I feel that supporting him to hold public office is the only way to enable him get out of activism and practice realpolitik, temper his rhetoric and talk sense.

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