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Highly problematic that peace prize winner Abiy Ahmed is silent: Nobel body

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the 2019 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has rarely given interviews since taking office last year.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

AP | PTI  |  Copenhagen Last Updated at December 5, 2019

The director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute says it is “highly problematic” that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the 2019 winner of the won’t attend any event where he could publicly be asked questions.

Olav Njoelstad says organisers “had wished that (Prime Minister) Abiy Ahmed would have agreed to meet the Norwegian and international press.

Njoelstad told Norwegian broadcaster NRK on Wednesday that most Peace Prize winners have no problem putting aside three or four days to attend traditional Nobel events.

Abiy has rarely given interviews since taking office last year.

He is expected to give a speech when he receives the 9-million kronor (USD 945,000) cash award on Tuesday.

He receives the prize for making peace with neighbouring Eritrea and for introducing sweeping political reforms, but already troubles are growing at home



    Abiy, with the objective of not losing his social base, ignored the cries of millions of Ethiopians when these innocent citizens were slaughtered by joooo-wars`kero korokoro. Now, thanks to jooo-war, “suse” and Geriba, Abiy appears to lose the support of Oromos. So, who is going to bring Abiy to Minilik`s palace in the next election. I do not know, but at least I know it will not happen at the expense of Amharas.

    Surprisingly, when one looks at Prosperity party`s program, political power will be allocated on the basis of the size of the population the different ethnic groups come from. Therefore, oromos will be the most represented followed by Amharas etc. However, in the coming election, if Prosperity party loses in oromia but wins the general election, how comes the oromos in Prosperity party will assume the majority of the positions?

    Beware Amaharas no to be cheated by Abiy again.

  2. Well done Doctor Abiy Ahmed,thanks for teaching this attention deprived gossip addicted motor mouths that don’t ever shut up how to be humble , thanks for showing us all that it is better to listen than to talk non stop all day and everyday as the motor mouths do. Medemer at its best proven that both the sayings Zim bale afi zinib aygebabetim and moya behod neww are correct.

  3. He is scared because his atrocities and the mass displacements he caused would be exposed. He has no way to defend his indiscriminate killings. That he why he has no gut to face the media.

  4. ‘Three or more days’? This young man was handed a smoldering house and has been preoccupied in taking out fires, thanks to savage bigots, erupting every where. Is slacking off for three or four days a prerequisite now? As indicated in the article PM Abiy was not the first One to excuse himself from days of truancy. Why wasn’t as a big deal as we are told it is now when Obama shunned the same stag party? That dog don’t hunt!!!

  5. Abiy Ahmed is a faithful man to his personal press office. Abiy does not give interview unless Billene Seyoum tells him to do so, Billeme Seyoum the Prime Minister’s office press secretary is not only the PM’s press secretary but she is also a specialist in international relations with a personal ambition to become the Foreign Minister of Ethiopia one day.
    That’s why anyone that want to interview PM Abiy, have to go through Billene Seyoum first, if she say no then it is no, Abiy won’t go against her decision. Plus Abiy Ahmed’s security details are scared of hecklers after Abebe Gellaw heckled Meles Zenawi.

  6. የሽልማቱ ቀን ከመድረሱ በፊት
    1. ኢንጂነር ስመኝህ በቀለን
    2. ኢታማጆር ሹም ስዓረ መኮነንን
    3. ጀነራል ገዛኢ ኣባራን
    የገደላቸው ማን እንደሆነ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ግልፅ ማድረግ ይገባዋል!

  7. We have to clear our minds from vindictive politics. These are the facts we have to take into consideration in today’s Ethiopian politics: one most of the problems Abey is dealing with is what has been passed to him. Even the party he supposedly leading is working against his ideas, as reviled by his righthand man Lema Megersa. There are money things he has to be firm on, especially Law and order. He just needs to empower the court and the ministry of justice to enforce the rule of law. He needs to put in power people who are competent to do the job. Even with all our problems at this time no one — wants to go back to weyane’s suffocating ethnic dictatorship. Our part is to continue the struggle because Abey is not going to fix everything for us. We have to fight especially those Oromo fanatics who are bent to put on the weyane glove to continue ethic dictatorship in Ethiopia. Having said that, We can express our political differences other times but, we have to let Abey have the limelight. I hope that will motivate him to do even better things for Ethiopia.

  8. The best thing he could do would be to thank everyone for the award, tell them that he is honored to have it, that it is still work in progress, that transition is complicated and takes time, that the award is really for all Ethiopians who love and are working for peace, that he is happy that Ethiopia and Africa are recognized but that also there are other pressing things in the planet and that he would like to offer this prize to greta and the Climate Change movement who are struggling for all the peoples and environment of the planet. If he does this he will take the wind of everyone’s sails and they will be so stunned they cannot ask him any questions he might find ‘difficult’ to answer and everyone will go home relieved and happy!

  9. Mister Angela

    he has killed many patriotic citizens and still giving a deaf ear to the ongoing crisis, genocide and all sorts of brutality.

  10. ወይዘሮ angela፣

    “ኣቦይን ኣዶይን ነንበይኖም ፀለቶም” እንዲለው ትግርኛው፣

    ሽልማቱ የመጣው ኢትዮጵያና ኤርትራን አስመልክቶ ስለሆነ፣ የኛ “የተሸላሚዎቹ” ተቀዳሚ ህመም ደግሞ ስለሚሞቱት ወገኖቻችን እና ስለሚፈናቀሉት ወገኖቻችን፣ በተለይም ደግሞ ከመቃድሾ ጀምሮ እስከ ኦስሎ ድረስ ስለሚሰቃዩት ስደተኞቻችን እና ወዘተ ወወዘተ የመሳሰሉት ይሆናል:: ጠግቦ የማያድረው 110 ሚልዮኑ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሲደመርበት 3 ሚልዮን ኤርትራዊ እንዲሁም …. ያህል ሱማሌው የ’greta ችግር ምን እንደሆነ አይገባውም፣ አያውቃትምም፣ ራሱ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ ስለ እርስዋ መስማቱንም መጠራጠር ይቻላል!
    አንቺ የምታስቢው ለዘብተኛ ስታንዳርድ ጥያቄ አቅራቢዎች ፈረንጆቹ ጋዜጠኞችን እንዴት አድርጎ ያረጋጋቸው የሚለውን ብቻ ነው፣ አንቺ ያላሰብሽበትና አቢይ የሚያውቀው ነገር ግን፣ ወገኑ ሃገር ቤት የሞተበት ድንጋይ ወርዋሪው እና ዝልፍያ ለዳፊው ኢትዮጵያው ጋዜጠኛ ወአክቲቪስትን ነው! ለዚህስ ምን ሜላ አለሽ? ወይንስ አሁንም ያው ነገሮቹን በሙሉ ከአውሮፓውያን አንፃርና ጥቅም በኩል ብቻ ነው የምትመለከችው!?
    እንደ እኔ ከሆነ፣ መሆኑ ላልቀረ፣ ሽልማቱን በየቀኑ መድትራንያን ባህርን ለመሻገር አቅቷቸው የአሳ ነባሪ ቀለብ ለሚሆኑት አፍሪቃውያንና ሌሎችም ስደተኞች ሁሉ መታሰብያ ቢያደርገው ምናልባት የመላ አለሙን ህሊና ይቀሰቅስ ይሆናል::
    ይሄንን ስል ግን ግሬታን ተቃወምኩኝ ማለት አይደለም!

  11. Abiy is not able to command his troops. Abiy is unable to order his troops to leave out of Badme and he does not want the whole world to know about it. Ethiopia is a lawless country with ño set hierarchy of system put to work. Vigilantes got more power and more hierarchy than the government security apparatus got.

    If I do recall correctly the Ethio-Etitrean war which caused close to 180 thousand people to die and unknown amount of people to remain disabled, was said to be caused because of a border dispute. To end the border dispute the Algiers agreement was made between Eritrea and Ethiopia exactly 19 years ago December 10th 2020 , the 19th anniversary day Abiy is expected to receive the Nobel Prize at the ceremony, Ethiopia agreed to end hostility by moving her troops out of the area known as Badme onDecember 10th 2000, that did not happen until now. 19 years later Ethiopian troops are still in Badme with no sign of moving out. The same date 19 years later ( DECEMBER 10th ) Abiy Ahmed is receiving his Nobel Prize and the 945 thousand dollars cash prize that comes along with it. If it wasn’t for the cash Abiy wouldn’t even have showed up to receive this Nobel Prize. For a man that gets an equivalent of three hundred USD dollars salary a month, 945 thousand USD cash means so much for his wife and four children. Abiy is unable to order his troops and he does not want the whole world to know about it. In Badme for the last 29 years the pastoralists/soldiers started their own livelihood which they don’t intend to loose without a fight.

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