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Ethiopia says it detains suspected Islamist militants planning attacks

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Ethiopia said on Saturday it had arrested an unspecified number of Islamist militant members of the Somali group al Shabaab and Islamic State who were planning to carry out attacks in the country on various targets including hotels.

Some of those arrested were carrying out intelligence work including photographing potential targets, the National Intelligence Security Services (NISS) said in a statement read out on state-affiliated broadcaster Fana.

“The group was … preparing to attack hotels, religious festivities gathering places and public areas in Addis Ababa,” NISS said.

Ethiopian intelligence coordinated with neighboring Djibouti to detain the suspects including their leader, Muhammed Abdulahi, NISS said.

Those detained, NISS said, were arrested in the capital Addis Ababa, Oromia and Ethiopia’s Somali region.

Al Shabaab has been fighting for years to topple Somalia’s central government, which the African Union-mandated peacekeeping force AMISOM helps to defend.

The militants have carried out numerous attacks in Somalia on military and civilian targets, and it has also conducted attacks abroad including in Kenya.

(Writing by Elias Biryabarema; Editing by Hugh Lawson)


  1. The rounding up of terrorists round up in the capital and other places of the region is an uplifting news for me. It has always been my fear that in such environment of some much nonsense bickering and fracas, such evil elements may find an opening and capability to carry out their destructive bloody act over there. But that gem of the colored, the mosaic of humanity continues to be just that very tough cookie for the darasaas of the Wahhabis. That shows the people of the old country(except the bigots) are still in their union to thwart such a sophisticated plot. Without that Somali who mans the check points in his region, without that Amhara who watches everything that passes through his border towns, without that Oromo who looks at you as if you owe him some money when you come through his barricades in Moyale, without that fire spitting Afar who makes you melt when pass through his domicile, without that ready to go off Tigre whose eye can pierce through your attire whenever you come close to his borders, this feat could have happened. Thanks to such ever alert and ingenious guards, the citizens of the capital and other major cities/towns are sleeping safe and sound. All glory to all them!!!

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