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Ethiopia: Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed, demagogue and his deceptive mind

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By Ewnetu Sime

On March 2018 Prime Minster (PM) Abiy Ahmed fired up many Ethiopians by adapting a more lenient approach to EPDRF’s tyrant policies and rules. Ethiopawint and national unity  has been preached almost every day. Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the  rigid autocratic regime that had the strongest security establishment and  ruled Ethiopia with iron fist for the past 27 years,  was humiliated, condemned  and chased out from Addis Abeba Fort. Some of their cronies suspected  for corruptions and scandals has been thrown in jail. As would be expected, most Ethiopians supported the PM’s actions. Abiy appears  to do his best for all Ethiopians, for the first three or four months of his administration. His speeches are phenomenal  with solemn promises. His popularity at home and abroad is all-time high. Angry people pacified by it.

As time goes by,  he has  revealing  his deceptions. A polygraph test is not required to determine if he is a deceptive person. Recently, he was  caught lying  in speeches and interviews several times. Most of his supporters hope he will unite Ethiopia and will end ethnic politics that is breeding ground for civil disturbance. They hope he will establish a mechanism for check and balance at all level of the government structure. Most of his  supporters hope he will institute accountability and transparency at all government levels. In the past few months, we observed a rapid downturn of everything including the  lack of security lawlessness, and anarchy.  At this moment of his premiership, most of his supporter realized that all this time he has hidden agenda and was shedding crocodile tears for ethnic equality and human right protection of all Ethiopians.

Just to cite few  examples; 1) internal displacement become the order of the day throughout many places of the country and Ethiopia became number one on list of internally forced displaced people in the world . The vast majority of these displaced people still live in makeshift refugee camps. Hardly a week goes by without displacement. Unfortunately, the PM has largely ignored the displacement problems 2) the PM officials, full of ethnic bigotry such as the Oromia policy commissioner, carried out mass arrest of Addis Abeba youth on suspicion of  “recruiting/organizing” anti-regime movement. 3) outright massacre in Burayu town,  similar to Rwandan genocide, it has consumed too many innocent lives & caused large displacement of non-Oromo ethnic groups. 5)  After so called “ Amhara Region “ coup d’eate “ Abiy government has started clamping down what it perceived as dissident against his ethnic group.  Most are held without any charges and those brought to trial charged with illegal Anti-Terrorism proclamation.

Abiy government has undertaken extensive steps to empower Oromos in all government institutions across the country. He  rewards the arrogant vigilante’s group leaders such as Jawar. Jawer  is  a quasi-governmental force  act as proxy armies to be  ruling power by  a toxic single ethnic based Oromo party rule. Their main goal is  to displace and to take over the properties of countless non- Oromo people.

The news coming from Ethiopia in the past couple weeks is horrifying and worrisome about Ethiopia’s future. It is unfortunate to observe that the PM party behavior is similar to TPLF’s evils deeds and making a living hell to many Ethiopians. The country  stands at a crossroads or about may fell into  the cliff. Ethiopia is on the pathway to chaos on a scale many cannot imagine. The organized Qeeroo youth groups  led by Jawar are responsible for  ethnic based barbaric killing, rape, maiming, house burning , horrific abuses, and destroying assets in the recent week across the Oromo region. Everyone expected the PM to give swift press release about the killings which took 78 lives, displaced unknown number of people and disrupted economic activities. Instead, the press release was given by his press secretariat and the press release demonstrated his lack of concern for rampage and killing. There is no plan of action to stop it and appears that  he has opted, to do nothing. Peaceful coexistance and political stability  in the country  has become less and less feasible. We are fatigue receiving through the usual diet of stale party propaganda. This is a warning bell that the PM regime is in process of dysfunctionality.  The costs of ignoring justice is high.

Ethiopians are facing tragic conditions today. Citizen are distresses and Ethiopia as country is on death watch.  The hope that there would be change in Ethiopia to social justice, democracy is now  all in vain.

Ethiopians in diaspora, shall hold public  meetings, candlelight vigil, press release, demonstrations and  formal and informal debates with anyone who would care about  Ethiopia people.  Ethiopians are demanding justice for the displaced, the terrified and slain people. Ethiopians are not better off than TPLF rule.  It is time to come out from this  greatest illusion and offer alternative sooner than later.  It is time for a change.

Ethiopia will prevail!!


  1. Orthodox Tewahdo Christian Church sent a message posted on the link above accusing Abiy for covering up for the Ethiopian terrorist Jihadist religious attackers called Querro . Many of the attackers are joining Abiy’s military so they can get formal military trainings while at the same time hiding from the feared retaliatory justice .

    PM Abiy called on Muslims to apply unity and peace and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed such as not harming all Ethiopians.

    ABA GADAA the Irecchhaa tree worshiping haters did get a message to join Abiy’s military.

  2. Jara and Agaro, used Oromo names to distribute hate against Oromo. Ethiopian politician are childish and idiot. They oppose Jawar Mohamed who has no office and power in Ethiopia, what a loser.

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