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Ethiopia: Pm Abiy Ahmed gave exclusive tour of the Royal Palace

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Ethiopia: Pm Abiy Ahmed gave exclusive tour of the Royal Palace


  1. childface stooge


    is it you fled to london filled with betrayal and narcissit ideology? Is it you who sold tabot and tsilat, taberacle to get into uSA and spying your own people to obtain resident permit ?

    We know that you donot live in peace with your neighbours in your own village and tow;

    I do know you very well, many amharas live in feud and animosity among themselves on the account of stealing land from one another.

    I have never experienced this among oromo farmers who are feeding amhara region while amhara fled to Debrezeit and Nazret due to drought and famine.

    For you it is a great tribal pride and outcry, shilela, to kill innocent people and fire tons of bullets.

    I also remember what I was told that amhara farmers killed many passengers , socalled tsegure liwut, strangers, aiming at his or her head and chest like birds just how Red indiens were treated in the past.

    Back in history western leaders were starving thier target enemy by starving them to death and you are shamlessy doing the same gambling in the life of people backed by Abiy ahmed.

    YOu are using religion and orthodoxy to push forward your ethnic centered agenda .

    Stop playing your outdated and stinky game of politics and religion.

    Many emperors were using religion and christianity in the same manner.

    You liked abune Morkorios since he is amhara . However, he was considered as fan of Mengistu Hailemariam and his party . Nobody likes Abune Merkorios during his papacy.

  2. An exceptional leader….very intelligent, focused, leading by example, futuristic. Leaders of government at every level, including regional governments, should learn from him to walk their talks. Those are excellent ‘actors/actresses’ covering their incompetence by talking ‘big’ but their leaderships usually end there and not by action on the ground. Abiye is talking and showing them how to lead. Great lesson!

  3. Worku Belayneh

    you are paid cyber militia for abiy and amhara hegemony

    are you one of those guys who flmed to USA selling tabot, tabernacle and body organ of street children ? I have forgotten something, some people also sold kiray betoch and kebele houses to get visa

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