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Al Shabaab Siege of Mogadishu Hotel Ends: 14 Dead

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March 31, 2015–Trade Arabia reports that the hotel under siege in Mogadishu by al-Shabaab has a final death toll of 14 killed. On Friday al-Shabaab stormed the hotel, Maka Al Mukaram, frequented by government officials.


Security personnel led by an elite US-trained special forces, Gaashaan (shield), fought the attackers into Saturday. Somalia’s Information Minister, Mohamed Abdi, is quoted as saying, “The hotel operation is over and these are the dead bodies of the militants who wanted to slaughter our people. Thanks to our forces who saved our people in the hotel.”

Dead are Somalia’s Ambassador to Geneva, five civilians, four hotel guards and four government soldiers. Four al-Shabaab attackers are also dead.

The AU Mission to Somalia released a statement saying, “Our message to the perpetrators of this inhuman act is that their action will not dampen our spirit for the common good of Somalia.”

Al-Shabaab spokesperson Abdiasis Abu Musab said that militants had targeted only government officials.

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